TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama

DIVIDED: #4 - Promotion, Power, and Corruption

May 06, 2021 V. Morrow Season 2 Episode 4
TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama
DIVIDED: #4 - Promotion, Power, and Corruption
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SET YOUR MIND on things above with TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama. AND NOW the ADVENTURE CONTINUES with DIVIDED--The Days of Peleg.

Bow to the Image! Has the whole world gone mad? Or is there something wrong with a statue that speaks and the giant man who makes the people worship it? Peleg is virtually alone in his misgivings. Meanwhile, all the rest of Shinar follows the mighty hunter Nimrod in building a Tower to reach the gates of heaven and even the Ancient One Himself. Could the mysterious encounters and cruel whispers heard since the Tower Temple's construction lead to something good? To Peleg the matter is simple, find someone who remembers the truth, someone who still hears The Voice—before it's too late. So, Peleg embarks on a journey to learn the secrets his great ancestors Methuselah and Enoch knew. Little does Peleg realize, Enoch—the very one, taken so long ago to a dimension outside space and time—and his son Methuselah are both working just as fervently toward the same goal. With the aid of a wise, old King, the tales from the stones, and the "knowing" that burns, Peleg may be mankind's only hope to stop the darkness descending from the Tower. Never again will a Flood destroy the earth, the Ancient One promised—next time it will be Fire!

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Chapter 4 – Promotion, Power & Corruption


“How is she?” Methuselah asked his mother as she and the other Medici came out of Mother Eve’s dwelling.

Medici Dinah shook her head, “Not good. Death be at her door, for truth, unless the Ancient One gives her favor. Where is your father?” she asked. “We sent for him too. If anyone would know what to do Enoch, I mean the Bearer, would.”

“May I go in to see her?” Methuselah asked, avoiding the subject of his father for now. This is not the time to tell mother.

“Is that Enoch’s sack?” Mother Dinah asked, “Why do you have it? Is he with you?”

“I have the roots of the ruak plant you asked for,” he said holding out the pouch to buy time. “I found them by the River Gihon and picked them just this sun’s birth. They are fresh.” 

His mother grabbed the pouch, opened it, and sniffed. Her eyes lit up. “Oh, this might do Mother Eve good. I must go to her—”

Medici Dinah dashed toward the sebassi tents for help, mumbling something about a paste.


Onami waited outside with Methuselah, focusing on Mother Eve’s dwelling, while he tried to tune out the voice of Medici Dinah droning on. For some reason, her signature overrides the others. Finally, Medici Dinah left Mother Eve’s tent in a rush. Good, now that she’s gone, I can focus. He could just make out the voice of Mother Eve saying something about the Fallen. 

Onami relaxed and concentrated the same way he did when performing his warrior stances. First position, breath. Then second, exhale. Each movement took him deeper into his center, into communion with the One Mind. Third position. This is amazing. I can hear everything with crystal clarity. Onami continued to listen deeply. Methuselah was wondering how to tell his mother about Enoch. Tiph’arah and Father Seth were both crying and making promises. Delmar was saying something about needing to get out of the wood and deliver an urgent message. Onami stilled himself further. It seemed as if his friend was right by his side. I think I can contact him.  He projected his thoughts. Delmar, meet me at 1704.16.33.

“Captain!” said an Elohim with a salute. 

Onami’s eyes flew open. “What!” he said with a start, immediately losing his connection with Delmar in the process. He had been so absorbed with listening to signatures, Onami hadn’t noticed the soldier’s approach. Unbeknownst to the humans, an entire company of heavenly host stood at attention outside Mother Eve’s abode, with all eyes glued on him.

Just then, Father Seth and Medici Tiph’arah appeared in the entryway of Mother Eve’s home. Their faces were grave. Tiph’arah looked as if she had been crying.

“Look Father Seth,” Dinah rushed to his side, “I have the ruak paste. We can—”

Father Seth shook his head. He grabbed the ram’s horn mounted on the door post, lifted it to his lips and blew. Within moments a wail broke forth from the Seven Hills, starting from the upper levels and flowing down until lament filled the valley.

Mother Eve was dead.


“The premises are secure, Captain Onami, sir!” The soldier shouted and clicked his heels. “The human woman has been safely transitioned.”

 “Of course, she has, Sergeant,” Onami said, quickly recovering his composure. “I would expect no less from Guardian Alpha Company.” He added, “Excellent work. Carry on!”

The officer seemed confused. 

The other Elohim still stood at attention. 

“Well?” Onami said.

Finally, he said, “We are awaiting orders, sir.”

“Oh, right,” Onami said, the reality of his new rank just sank in. Semjaza is no longer the Captain, I am.  “Certainly. Let’s see—okay—” The Beloved hasn’t given me orders yet. What should I do? 

Immediately a response entered his mind. What do you think you should do? 

Onami sprang into action. “What’s your name, Sergeant?”

The Elohim avoided eye contact and cleared his throat. “I am Sergeant Tabbach, sir.”

“Well Sergeant Tabbach, straighten your back and don’t hesitate next time!”

“Sir, yes sir!”

 “At ease Company,” The soldiers relaxed, observing their new leader with interest. Onami continued, “As you know, our former leader, Captain Semjaza, along with many of our comrades, have forfeited their positions among the Elohim due to serious violations of the Code. As such, leadership of the Alpha Company has been reassigned to me. We are on stand-by for new orders from the Beloved. Until then, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, anything out of the Ancient’s will, let your superior officer or I know.”

“Excuse me, sir,” said the recruit with more confidence. “Who are our superior officers?”

“Good question,” Onami said, “that depends on all you.” Onami flared. Every color of the rainbow splayed across his being, before returning to his normal pearly hue. “Now that our ranks have been purged of the Fallen, I have been authorized to select twelve commanding officers to lead this new division of the Host. Be ready for changes.”

The Elohim looked at each other with excitement.

“Pardon me, sir,” Another Elohim fresh from training camp raised his hand. “What determines who will be chosen?”

I have no idea how this works. Why did I say I could pick twelve commanders?

“That’s for me to know and you to find out, recruit,” Onami said. “In the wake of Mother Eve’s death, we must be on high alert.”

Onami began giving orders as if he was General Michael himself. “Sergeant, take your two best men and cover this human,” Onami said, pointing at Methuselah who stood just to his left. “I need ten artillery specialists to form a perimeter at the top of the Seven Hills—How many of you are certified in subterfuge? I need five men skilled in close combat to protect Father Seth’s dwelling—One of you must stay with the human Tiph’arah at all times—Each Elder on the High Council must be covered—”

Finally, when all the men had orders, Onami informed them, “I have important business to attend to on Mt. Arata on behalf of the Beloved. I’ll expect a status update at 1704.18.83.”

“Sir, yes sir.” Every Elohim, from the recently commissioned to the more experienced fighters from the First Rebellion, stood at attention and saluted.

Onami returned the honor and did an about-face. I can’t wait to tell Captain Azam. He would be so proud. Now just a bit more for dramatic effect. He had intended to ascend heavenward in a graceful arc but stopped midway when two voluminous wings suddenly appeared from his shoulders. Light exploded from every part of his being. 

Onami gasped.

Some of the soldiers pointed.

Then, Onami faded as if a billion tiny pin pricks of light from his body decided to become as fluid and transparent as water. He looked at his arms and legs, not caring what the Elohim thought anymore. 

“All hail the Beloved!” Onami shouted with glee as he transformed before their eyes. Finally—Warrior-class! Being a Captain does have its perks.

The troops below shouted in unison, “All hail the Beloved!”

Instead of flying, Onami vanished into a single pinpoint of light.


Outside Time: Location— God’s Rest, Heaven’s Realm Third Dimension.

By the time Enoch returned to his abode in God’s Rest, he was exhausted. Sure enough, two Elohim greeted him soon after the Beloved departed. He almost fainted upon their arrival. One moment he was playing with the pretty lights. Next, a consuming fire appeared in the doorway.

“We are ministering spirits,” the pair of flames spoke in unison. “We will make the adjustments needed now.”

Without a word they hoisted him into the air.

“Whoa!” Enoch exclaimed. The sensation of floating horizontally threw him off guard. His arms flailed out to his sides to steady himself. It was as if two strong men carried him on a stretcher on their shoulders. Yet, neither of the flickering lights touched him. How is this possible? I should have— “What are you doing?” Enoch asked, trying to sit up.

“Please remain, young one,” the Violet Flame said.


Enoch limped through the mahogany doors, arriving in perfect unison with the coordinates.

“Ah Enoch, I see you have been with the ministering spirits.” The Beloved laughed.

“You could have warned me, my Lord,” Enoch said.

“But where is the fun in that?” The Beloved grinned. “Did you not enjoy the treatments?”

Enoch glared and collapsed into the chair next to Eye 1704, glad for once it immediately contoured to fit his form.

“I like this chair,” he replied.

“You are a fast learner. If one cannot speak anything pleasing, then nothing should be said.”

Enoch stared into the beyond.

The Beloved chuckled again, breaking the silence. “Trust me, Enoch, in time you will find the treatments quite invigorating. But for now, you must endure them until your frame adjusts to accommodate the movement of Heaven’s Realm and its dimensions.”

“Lord, what are dimensions?” Enoch asked exasperated.

“Look,” the Beloved said, with a wave of his hand. Once again Eye 1704 came to life and displayed a multitude of peoples and lands. “It’s easier to show you. Remember during your last instruction you saw your past as well as what is occurring now in Adamah?”

“Yes, Lord. I remember.”

“Good. There are seven dimensions. Adamah is located on the lowest level, in the first dimension.” A multi-tiered image appeared on the pane as the Beloved spoke. “Everyone born on Adamah has access to the first dimension only.”

“Well, what dimension is this?” Enoch asked, leaning in toward the image.

“Right now, you are existing in the Third Dimension, the lowest level of Heaven’s Realm.”

“I am only on the lowest level?” Enoch’s countenance fell.

“You are highly honored to come to the Third Dimension,” the Beloved said gently, “You are the only human who has since Father Adam and Mother Eve.”

“Oh.” Enoch sat up straighter.

“It is the Ancient Father’s desire that all Adam’s children come to the Third Dimension, at the very least.” The Beloved continued, “The other dimensions from the fourth to the seventh are accessible based on a maturation process. They each excel in glory the higher you proceed, until finally you reach the Seventh Dimension, which contains the seat of the Ancient One.”

“Do you mean to say it is possible for us to visit the higher dimensions?”

“Naturally, if you choose to do so,” the Beloved said.

“Well, let us go to the Seventh Dimension now,” Enoch said. He hopped out of his chair and brightened considerably. “I have always wanted to see the Hidden Father.”

“Not so fast,” the Beloved replied. His eyes sparkled with amusement. “You must go through many preparations before coming into the presence of the Hidden Father. Otherwise, you would be consumed and utterly destroyed by His perfection.”

“Oh.” Enoch dropped his head, crestfallen.

“But you can begin your preparations this very moment,” the Beloved said, pointing to one scene in Eye 1704. The image enlarged until it filled the entire pane. He became serious as he examined it more closely and spoke again, “With great obedience, you can progress very quickly to the upper dimensions.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Enoch said. His attention was drawn to the scene before him.

“This time we will discuss how choice affects a progression.”

“Come,” the Beloved said. “Look at this coordinate.” When the Beloved touched a location on the pane, the scene froze. 

“Is that?” Enoch asked.

“It is,” the Beloved replied.

Enoch stared at the motionless figures of Father Adam and Mother Eve. “They were so beautiful. Father Adam told me about their former glory, but I never knew they were so—I mean they look so much like—” Enoch gazed with mouth open at his fore-bearers, completely lost for words.

“Yes, they were truly made in Our image, until Eve was deceived, and Adam sinned,” the Beloved added, moving the scene backwards with a swipe of his hand. He stood, gazing deeply as past progressions rushed by on Eye 1704. Enoch watched, enraptured with the flowing images. Darkness became light, then separated and formed. Oceans, lakes, and rivers appeared. Masses of land spread forth. Creatures filled the waters, the sky, and the land, until finally, a beautiful garden appeared and in it a wondrous Light came forth, touched the ground, and scooped a handful of soil into its brilliance. The Light breathed.

He tapped the image. “See here.” A speck of black marred the otherwise flawless scene. It was without purpose or symmetry, as if a clumsy painter spilled ink onto his drawing. “Every time someone’s thoughts stray from the perfection of the Ancient One’s plan, a speck appears.”

“What is it?” Enoch asked.

“It is the seed of sin, a root of distortion, if you will.” 

Enoch furrowed his brows.

“It begins as a speck and seems harmless,” the Beloved explained.

“For truth, my Lord. After all, what is one speck in a sea of beauty?”

“Indeed, but the speck is insidious; it systematically weaves itself into the progression and causes chaos.” The Beloved swiped his finger across Eye 1704 again. This time moving it forward. “Look,” he said pointing out a conglomeration of specks.

“The blood-lust!” Enoch exclaimed as he watched a pack of wolves dotted with specks hunt down Tubal-Cain in the Woods of Avenland. “I knew the animals were behaving strange, attacking humans and eating one another, but I did not realize—and see here, it is the cause of the sickness as well—” The Medici gave the ailing little ones the alroue. They were covered with specks too.

“Lord, why could we not see the specks?” Enoch asked. “That would have aided us in stopping the spread.”

“Enoch, the specks can only be seen from the upper dimensions. The Second Dimension— the spiritual realm which exists between your world, Adamah, and the Third Dimension of Heaven’s Realm—is where the Rebellious One resides. Please understand the speck of distortion, which is sin, did not originate in Adamah. It originated in the seventh Heaven when it was found in the Rebellious One, who because of his pride is no longer named. That Nameless One feeds off sin and causes it to grow. He is attracted to the specks and sends his Fallen Ones to multiply the distortion.”

“But the Hidden Father created all things, even the Nameless One. You said so yourself. Do you mean to say the Hidden Father created sin?” Enoch asked. “Why would the Ancient One allow sin to exist at all?”

The Beloved sighed. 

“Of course, sin was always a possibility—good and evil are eternal truths the One Mind has always known,” the Beloved said. “Naturally, truth cannot be destroyed. So, he contained those truths inside the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to protect his young creation from its responsibility. Once a sentient being knows the difference between good and evil, he becomes responsible for his choices. Everything evil no matter how large or small, leads to corruption.”

Enoch fell silent and wondered. How many times have my thoughts strayed from the Hidden Father’s plan?

“Yet, the Hidden Father is gracious,” the Beloved added, touching Enoch’s forehead with the tip of his finger. 

All the tension drained from Enoch’s body.

“The One Mind has initiated a hedge that protects humans from their thoughts in the physical world,” the Beloved said. “Sin does not reap consequences until someone embraces it through action. The Nameless One embraced sin and was banished from the upper dimensions because of it. There is no spot in Heaven’s Realm.” 

Enoch’s eyes became big. “Oh!” he exclaimed, “Yes, yes—the tales of old said it all—when Father Adam and Mother Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they embraced sin through their action. They too were banished.”

“Precisely. We could not allow them to also eat from the Tree of Life and live forever. If they had, there would be no possibility of redemption for them. Adam and Eve would be forever evil,” the Beloved said, tapping the table, “and you would not be at this coordinate discussing the correction of Progression 1704.”

“See here,” the Beloved waved his hand across Eye 1704, until the pane showed the Garden of Eden. “There was no sin in your realm until Adam and Eve embraced it. Before, they were full of light.” He waved his hand again moving the panel to a later coordinate. “Now, dark specks flow from the souls of men and cloud the atmosphere of Adamah.”

“For truth, I cannot believe all those specks were around us, but hidden from our sight!” Enoch said.

“Thoughts are not visible on Adamah, as it is a physical realm. Only the outcomes of thoughts can be seen there. While on Adamah you cannot see the specks, which are only thoughts of straying from the Ancient One’s will. That is not true of the Third Dimension. In the upper realms, even one’s thoughts are visible.”

Enoch’s mouth dropped. His eyes darted around the room, trying to find his thoughts.

The Beloved laughed. “Do not worry Enoch, dark thoughts need not become sin. Curiosity is not the same as sin. Curiosity emanates colors, not specks.”

Enoch relaxed. Pastels flowed in every nuance around his head, then burst into a soft yellow light.

“I did that?” he asked.

“Yes, Enoch,” the Beloved said, “that is your curiosity. It is a delight, is it not?”

Since my curiosity is a delight, I’ll ask another question. An explosion of color burst from Enoch’s head. 

Enoch jumped.

The Beloved tried to suppress a chuckle. 

The One Mind laughed as well. “They are so cute at this point.”

“Indeed,” the Hidden Father added. 

The Beloved tuned out the booming laughter emanating from the Throne in the upper dimensions, knowing Enoch could not hear it, and focused on the human.

“Well Lord,” Enoch paused, stepping back from the colors, “Why are the childlings and even the creatures on Adamah affected? They did not step outside the plan of the One Mind.”

“Not willingly,” the Beloved agreed, “yet they are tainted. You see, what began as a small speck became part of Adam, a seed of distortion, placed within him—the Bearer of the Seed. That distortion continues to grow exponentially with each successive generation. All his descendants will become more and more corrupt.”

 “Ah,” Enoch said, “that is why Mother Eve remains young and vibrant even though she is ages older than her offspring. She retains only her own sin, but not the sin of anyone else.”

“Not exactly,” the Beloved said. “Your conclusion is true in part. Eve and Adam were given a precious gift, which aided them even after they chose to separate from the One Mind, a token of the Hidden Father’s mercy.”

Enoch searched his memory. He knew Father Adam said the Ancient One gave them gifts, which they kept in the Cave of Treasures, where they dwelt after leaving the Garden of Eden. They received the garments to cover their nakedness, the precious myrrh for the anointing oil, the incense for prayer, and the golden rods to remind them of Heaven’s realm. Father Adam had given several of his offspring a share of the gifts before he departed. His hand automatically went to his waist for the pouch containing his share. Then he remembered. I gave my pouch to Methuselah.

“Yes, Enoch,” the Beloved said, knowing his thoughts. “But you forgot to give Methuselah one thing.”

“The garment!” Enoch exclaimed, touching the tunic on his chest, “I still have Father Adam’s garment.”

“That must be corrected,” the Beloved said. “The garment I made for Adam contains the essence of the Hidden Father. It is a cloak of perfection, which shields the wearer from the onslaught of the distortion. It also bears the authority of the Ancient One.”

“Do you mean the person who wears that garment is free from the curse?” Enoch asked.

“Not completely. But, the full effect of the curse, namely death, is greatly delayed. More importantly, it is difficult to resist the authority of the one wearing that mantle. Submission to the one who wears the tunic is highly likely.”

“That is why Father Adam left it to the one chosen as Bearer after him!” Enoch jumped from his seat.

“Exactly. That is why you must return it to Methuselah.” The Beloved’s tone was grave. “He will have great need of it as the progression continues, especially now that Mother Eve has departed and passed along her garment as well.”

 “Mother Eve died?” Enoch began to pace, wondering what else he missed since his departure. “Will she come here to God’s Rest?” Enoch asked hopefully.

“No, she will join Adam in Sheol.”

Enoch stopped abruptly. “They are in Sheol? You sent them to Sheol!” he accused. Red waves burst from his body.

The Beloved was very still. Finally, he answered, “Enoch, will you not trust me even after all you have seen?”

Enoch dropped his head. A wave of purple enveloped him.

“They are protected, Enoch. Even in the midst of Sheol, I have made a Paradise for those who die trusting Me. Mother Eve is safe.” 

“I know you can be trusted. Forgive me, Lord.”

“It is forgotten.” The Beloved continued, “We must be concerned now for the one who bears her garment.” 

“Dinah!” Enoch exclaimed. “My wife must have Mother Eve’s mantle now. I must return at once to assist her.”

“No, the mantle has passed to Tiph’arah,” the Beloved corrected, “and because of it, danger draws near.”

“Why Tiph’arah?” Enoch asked. Dinah will not be pleased. Enoch blushed, knowing the Beloved heard his thoughts. He added quickly, “But Lord, why do you not just take the garment back?” Enoch asked. “Then no harm would come to Tiph’arah and everything will be as it should.”

“I cannot. The gifts we give are without repentance,” the Beloved explained. “Once given, they cannot be taken back.”

Why not? The thought came instantly. Enoch blushed again but said nothing.

“Enoch, a gift is not a gift if the person receiving it does not have the freewill to keep it and control it.”

“For truth, my Lord,” Enoch said, remembering all the times he had used the precious myrrh and incense Adam gave him, even when his own father thought he was being wasteful. 

“But We can bring balance to freewill that harms others by giving another gift or by—” the Lord stopped speaking and turned His focus to Eye 1704.

Enoch moved quickly toward the Eye. A group of tiny specks formed before his eyes. “This is troubling.” 

He touched the screen, imitating the Beloved’s move earlier and paused as he thought, “Am I allowed to do this?”

The Beloved nodded. “This is part of your training. Proceed.”

“This group of specks just formed here.” Enoch said. He enlarged the coordinate to take a closer look. “This is the Seti of Nod. They seem to be moving and—look more just formed.” He swiped the screen. “Here at Tubal-Cain’s dwelling, and here at the abode of Semjaza—wait—they are everywhere!” Enoch touched the screen with all ten fingers as if that would stop the specks.

“Yes, Enoch,” replied the Beloved, “great deception has been birthed in the Seti of Nod and all Adamah will soon be affected. Your first mission is to minimalize the effects of this anomaly on Progression 1704.”

“Anomaly?” Enoch sat again. “I do not understand.”

“When Semjaza and his men, the Watchers, left their assigned position and interfered with Progression 1704, they created an anomaly. Adamah is not developing according to its original plan because of it. Those Watchers have fallen into The Nameless One’s trap to thwart the prophecy spoken to Eve.”  

“The prophecy? Oh—yes, right—and I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed,” Enoch repeated the prophecy from memory. He paused a moment, trying to recall the rest. “Oh, and—He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel!” 

“Indeed,” the Beloved said. “The One Mind foresaw all and built in the remedy before the foundation of Adamah. We knew that Serpent would reproduce seed. Yet, his seed shall not prevail.”

The Beloved stepped away from Eye 1704 and spoke, “Return.” Instantly the window misted and came back to the view of Heaven’s Realm.

“Come Enoch,” the Beloved said, “You must prepare to depart.”

“Depart? Depart where?” Enoch stalled, suddenly hesitant now that he could clearly see what was happening on Adamah. It was one thing to hear tales of the Fallen. It was another to see them with your own eyes.

“First, you will deliver the tunic made for Adam to Methuselah,” the Beloved said, “you will not need it after your next preparation.” He glided toward the mahogany doors. He paused when he saw Enoch’s panicked expression. “Fear not, you will have assistance. The Guardians will aid you.”

“What about Tiph’arah?” Enoch asked. He stood straight and stiffened his shoulders, trying to sound braver than he felt. “Shall I warn her? I could take the garment from her, then your honor would be unbroken.”

“No Enoch. The mantle has freely passed to Tiph’arah. It is her gift now. She must bear it,” the Beloved said as he touched the door’s golden knobs.

Is he actually going to use the door? Enoch wondered, then blushed again, knowing the Beloved heard every thought.

The Beloved turned to face him and grinned. 

More peals of laughter erupted from the Throne. 

The Beloved spoke, “Enoch, there is one more thing. Your desire to see the Ancient One pleases Him very much, and He looks forward to seeing you in the Seventh Dimension at some coordinate. But until then, He has asked Me to give you all His love.”

With that, the Beloved stepped forward and hugged Enoch. Light poured like liquid into every pore of his body. Even though the embrace lasted only a moment, it seemed as if an eternity of emotion was transmitted in his touch.

Enoch dropped to the floor, overwhelmed. 

The Beloved touched the crouching man’s shoulder, spoke one word, and vanished. His laughter echoed through the halls of the Department of Progressions.

The flames returned, without so much as a knock this time. They flowed through the mahogany doors, shaking their head at the man crumpled on the floor.

“Tsk, tsk,” the Blue flame said.

“Poor thing,” the Violet flame replied with a knowing nod, “The Beloved will be wanting this one to receive expansions this time.”

“Indeed,” the Blue flame said, “he is not used to receiving the Hidden Father’s love.”


Methuselah’s Time: Location—Mount Arata, Adamah, First Dimension.

Delmar landed on the frosted peaks of Mount Arata, without a moment to spare. He glanced around, looking for his friend. Strange—it’s not like Onami to be off-coordinate. I wonder what’s keeping him—

“Nothing is keeping me but the One Mind, friend.”

Delmar took a step back from the snowy bank in front of him. 

“Onami?” Delmar said. He leaned forward, peered, and then swung around, looking left and right. “Where are you?”

“At your service.” Onami unfolded his wings and spun around to face him. “Gotcha!”

Delmar jumped back.

“They are the perfect camouflage next to this snow-bank, right?” Onami said.

“You have wings!” Delmar said. “When? How?” He touched one. “These are some of the finest I have ever seen.”

“I know, praise the Beloved. Isn’t it amazing? After all our battles, finally I have been deemed warrior-class.”

“Congratulations, Onami,” Delmar said. “I am really happy for you.” 

“Thank you, friend,” Onami said, “and don’t worry about calling me Captain. We can dispense the formalities when it’s just us.”

“Oh, I wasn’t worried,” Delmar said. He looks so different he thought.

“You had an urgent message for me, right?” Onami said.

“Uh—yes,” Delmar said, “How did you know? You said you would explain—”

“Oh, right,” Onami said, “You’ll never guess what happened?”

“What?” Delmar asked.

“No, you have to guess,” Onami insisted.

“Just tell me already,” Delmar said.

“Okay, but you really should have a little more fun, Delmar.”

“Tell me,” Delmar said.

“I received the gift of signatures too! If I center and focus on someone, and I can perceive their thoughts from great distances. I am not sure how far, but where were you when I contacted you?” Onami asked.

“I was at the Seti of Nod over 60 spans away,” Delmar said. A hard knot formed in the pit of his stomach. His mind raced. He has wings. He has the gift of signatures. And now he is a Captain too.

“Well, you don’t have to call me Captain,” Onami said quietly. He walked over to the stone outpost, made by Captain Semjaza to survey the land below. “What was your urgent news?”

Delmar was more than glad to talk about the task at hand. “I saw Semjaza and Hazazel meet with Lord L—I mean Satan” he added quickly, cringing at the blunder.

“No way!” Onami said. “What happened?”

Delmar quickly brought him up to speed, glad he didn’t have to adhere to the formalities since his friend was in charge. 

“They will be looking for the garments using full force, no doubt. Do you have any idea where they are?”

“Well, I believe the man, Enoch, has Father Adam’s. The Beloved took him, so we don’t have to worry about him.”

“That leaves Mother Eve then. Is she surrounded?” Delmar asked.

“No, she is dead. She was transitioned just this sun’s birth.”

“Where is her garment? Was it on her person?

“No, it is their custom to leave it to the next in line—” Onami paused to think. “Delmar, you’re the strategist. Who would she leave it to? Father Seth? I already have him heavily guarded.”

Delmar was glad to be back on familiar turf, analyzing. “Mother Eve would more than likely pass it to a woman—probably a Medici—either the eldest or the most qualified—let’s see there is—” 

Onami tuned out Delmar’s recital of the names and qualifications of all the Medici. An image came to his mind. Onami remembered Father Seth walking out of Mother Eve’s abode and blowing the ram’s horn. Then Tiph’arah came out and stood by her father. She was draped in a finely made tunic of leather—

Delmar was still analyzing out loud, “and Dinah is the Bearer’s helpmeet, but too—so that leaves us with Medici—”

“Tiph’arah!” shouted Onami. “Tiph’arah has the garment!”

“Yes, I believe that is an accurate assessment. But how did you know?”

“I think I saw her wearing it. Come, let’s go to the Seti of Seth.” Onami made to leave but stopped mid-air and hovered.

“What’s wrong?” Delmar asked.

“Yes, Lord,” Onami said, “Right away, my Lord.”

Delmar fell silent when he realized Onami was receiving orders.

“Change of plans,” Onami said. “We are to report to the Third Dimension at once.”

“I can go to the Seti of Seth, scout out any Fallen, and alert the Elohim to any activity while you—” Delmar offered, sensing his friend’s disappointment.

“No, we are both to report.” Onami’s aura flashed through every color in the spectrum.

“Do you know what this is about?” Delmar asked, thinking of his reaction to Onami’s promotion. Am I to be disciplined?

“I have no idea. But we must hurry.”