TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama

DIVIDED: #12 - The Fallen and the Sleeping Beauty

May 06, 2021 V. Morrow Season 2 Episode 12
TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama
DIVIDED: #12 - The Fallen and the Sleeping Beauty
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SET YOUR MIND on things above with TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama. AND NOW the ADVENTURE CONTINUES with DIVIDED--The Days of Peleg.

Bow to the Image! Has the whole world gone mad? Or is there something wrong with a statue that speaks and the giant man who makes the people worship it? Peleg is virtually alone in his misgivings. Meanwhile, all the rest of Shinar follows the mighty hunter Nimrod in building a Tower to reach the gates of heaven and even the Ancient One Himself. Could the mysterious encounters and cruel whispers heard since the Tower Temple's construction lead to something good? To Peleg the matter is simple, find someone who remembers the truth, someone who still hears The Voice—before it's too late. So, Peleg embarks on a journey to learn the secrets his great ancestors Methuselah and Enoch knew. Little does Peleg realize, Enoch—the very one, taken so long ago to a dimension outside space and time—and his son Methuselah are both working just as fervently toward the same goal. With the aid of a wise, old King, the tales from the stones, and the "knowing" that burns, Peleg may be mankind's only hope to stop the darkness descending from the Tower. Never again will a Flood destroy the earth, the Ancient One promised—next time it will be Fire!

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Remember, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man, The things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”  PLEASE share this UPLIFTING READ with your friends and get ready to SOAR. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR LISTENING and MAY THE FAVOR OF THE ANCIENT ONE BE ON YOU.
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Chapter 12– The Fallen and The Sleeping Beauty


Outside Time: Location—Department of Progressions, Heaven’s Realm, Third Dimension

Enoch slumped into his chair, waiting for the Beloved’s perspective to take effect. He sighed. He still felt, a little longing.

The Beloved entered the room—a rush of warm light filled the space. He bent down to stare into Enoch’s eyes. He smiled at the human’s slumping shoulders. “I see you have learned the first principle.”

“Yes, my Lord,” Enoch said as he stood upright. Somehow the understanding he saw in the Beloved’s eyes took the longing away. “The first principle is—every act of obedience brings peace.”

“Good,” the Beloved nodded his approval. “Master that and you are already one step closer to visiting the Seventh Dimension.”

Enoch brightened visibly at that news.

“Did they tell you the second principle?” the Beloved asked.

Enoch looked blank.

“Without faith you cannot enter God’s Rest, Enoch. That is how you came to be in Heaven’s Realm ahead of schedule.”

“You mean you knew I was coming all along and let me enter in advance?” Enoch asked.

“In a manner of speaking, yes. We knew it was possible—and extremely likely. But you had to make the decision to obey,” the Beloved said. “You passed the test back in the Garden of God. Remember you resisted eating from the Tree of Life without permission, even though you thought no one was watching. You obeyed, not knowing the outcome—that is faith.”

“Of course, I remember. How could I forget?” Enoch said dreamily.

“When you passed that test, you confirmed your path. After that decision, we observed all your derivatives from that point. They all led to you coming here. So, We knew We could allow you to come to Heaven’s Realm in advance,” the Beloved explained.

“In advance of what?” Enoch asked. “If I came in advance, will there be others who qualify too?”

The Beloved smiled and put a hand up, “That’s a topic for another time.” More light flowed from Him.

Enoch forgot about all the problems on Adamah and even the question he wanted to ask next. He was very relaxed now. Enoch smiled, enjoying the waves of radiant light flowing from the Beloved. The light made him want to laugh. He giggled.

“Enoch, do you trust me?”

“Yes, Lord,” Enoch said, laughing even harder.

“The One Mind is working, always bringing the will of the Ancient One to pass. There is no need to worry,” the Beloved said.

“I see,” Enoch said, with a big smile. He spun around in his chair. “I really love this chair.” The chair spun around and around, doing multiple rotations.

“Yes, Enoch.” The Beloved laughed at Heaven’s latest little addition. He stopped the spinning chair with his foot. “Now, let’s begin.” He touched the pane and Eye 1704 came to life. “I want to show you something—”

“Is that Naamah?” Enoch sat up and leaned toward the panel, almost toppling his chair in the process. His eyes grew large. “What happened? What are those things around her? Why—”

“Slow down Enoch,” the Beloved said patiently. “Those things are fallen ones.”

“For truth, I remember now.” Enoch shook his head. In Heaven’s Realm, his frightening encounter with the creatures who attacked him in Avenland Forrest seemed a distant memory. The fear they invoked there, was laughable now. Their grotesque features were so pathetic and miserable, he almost felt sorry for them. But then he remembered their cruel words, the vicious blows, and he recoiled from the pane illuminated before him. 

The Beloved put his hand on Enoch’s shoulder, calming him. “There is no fear here. They cannot harm you now.”

“But what are they?” Enoch asked.

“They are creatures under the control of The Fallen One,” the Beloved said. 

“You mean they are Watchers!” Enoch exclaimed.

“No,” the Beloved said. “These are not of the two hundred rebellious B’Nai Elohim you rebuked in My Name at El Tevah. Those betrayers still remain in the Seti of Nod, causing much distortion among the sons of Adam.”

“These lesser beings,” the Beloved said, enlarging the view on Eye 1704 with a wave of his hand, “were creatures under the control of that Satan and his Furious Ones on Adamah in ages past, whose fate is now eternally sealed with theirs. They are fallen and bound to the soil of Adamah. Others are Furious Ones of low rank who Satan restrains to the soil to control them.”

The images projected were so close, Enoch could see every detail of their distorted features as they swarmed around the stone table on which Naamah lay. She was completely unaware of their ghastly presence. Enoch recoiled again.  

The Beloved enlarged the scope with another swipe. Enoch watched as the B’Nai Elohim Captain Semjaza and Hazazel filed into the room and stood over Naamah’s still figure. When they entered, the lessers shrank back into the corners.  

“What about them?” Enoch asked, pointing to the rebellious Watchers. “Are they bound to Adamah too?”

“Not yet. One day they will be cast down. As of now, some of these star lords with the rank of “Power” may still roam as far as the Second Dimension, until their appeal is heard, but no higher,” the Beloved said. He snapped his fingers. “Listen.”

Enoch recognized Hazazel’s voice.

“Where is it?” Hazazel asked. “Do you have it yet? We are running out of time and you know how—”

“Don’t worry, the garment is within our reach. I sent Tubal-Cain. He is motivated and will secure it for us.”

“Brilliant. I will begin the preparations for the ritual to bring her back—”

“But Naamah is dead!” Enoch interrupted. “What do they mean by “bring her back”? For truth, even now the sebassi are preparing for her Rite of Passing,” 

“Enoch, I am the Light of life,” the Beloved said, diminishing the sound from Eye 1704 with another snap of his finger. “A spark of My Light remains in that one.”

“She looks very dead.” Enoch peered at Naamah closely.

“The girl is not dead yet—merely sleeping,” the Beloved said. “We shall allow her progression to continue for now. I wish to be gracious to her.”


Methuselah’s Time: Location—Plains of Avenland, Adamah, First Dimension

“Naamah’s dead, Tubal-Cain. What is there to celebrate?” Tiph’arah said, placing a hand on her hip. “And what would you be looking for, all alone? Where are your men? What sort of trap is this?” she demanded.

Before he could answer, Methuselah stepped out from the bushes, dropped low and grabbed Tubal-Cain from behind. He wrapped his arm around his neck and squeezed.

“Whoa!” Tubal-Cain said, “I am alone and without malice.”

“Hold him tight, Methuselah,” Tiph’arah said as she circled around the clearing, checking for signs of others. After a few moments, she appeared again. “All clear. You can release him.”

“Talk,” Methuselah said, firmly.

Tubal-Cain gasped for breath and massaged his throat and now sluggish legs. The eldenrod was starting to work its way up his limbs.

“But if you be telling lies,” Tiph’arah said, pointing toward the trees. “Up you go! And I have plenty more eldenrod where that came from.”

“Be at peace,” Tubal-Cain said. “Tis’’ true our tribes have had our differences in the past.”

Methuselah raised an eyebrow. “I would call betraying the Bearer of the Seed to form an alliance with the Watchers more than a little difference.”

“Yes, well,” he nodded, “Your father and I don’t see eye to eye. But it is Mother Eve’s guidance I seek—for Naamah’s sake. If it was not life or death, I would not trouble the Sons of Seth.”

“Life or death?” Tiph’arah asked. “Cannot your precious Watchers aid you? I thought they could heal and had the power of the Ancient One flowing through their veins.”

Tubal-Cain pressed his lips together and paused before answering. He looked Tiph’arah up and down.  “Yes, well—they do—that is, they can heal, but uh—more serious injuries like Naamah’s require—”

“Require what?” Tiph’arah asked. “What are you staring at?”

Methuselah observed quietly. His father, Enoch taught him you could learn a lot more by listening than speaking. He leaned forward, doubling over at the sensation. The burning in the pit of his belly was back. 

“Well?” Tiph’arah said. “I am waiting or are you going to tell me it is my beauty that has you dumbfounded.”

Methuselah grinned. He almost forgot about the burning. Tiph’arah was beautiful in a wild sort of way, but fear, not beauty, was the emotion she inspired from most sons of Adam. Surprisingly, Tubal-Cain did seem a little preoccupied with her appearance.

“Oh—I just noticed, that is, your garment. Is that made in the fashion of Mother Eve’s garment?” Tubal-Cain asked.

Tiph’arah lowered her head, tears filled her eyes as she remembered the news they bore for the sons of Cain. She looked away.

Methuselah spoke up, knowing Tiph’arah would rather die than let anyone see her cry.

“Tubal-Cain, Mother Eve has passed to the land of shadows. She is no more. We were on our way to the Seti of Nod to share the news in case the sons of Cain wanted to send a delegation to honor our Great Mother Eve.”

Tubal-Cain’s countenance went from shock, to confusion, to joy, and then a forced sadness in a matter of moments.

Methuselah ignored the burning in the pit of his stomach. “Tubal-Cain, I can see you are grieved as we all are. If you like, we can escort you back to the Seti of Nod since the eldenrod has rendered your legs useless,” Methuselah offered. 

Tubal-Cain stammered, “That would be most appreciated.” He grabbed Methuselah’s hand and tried to pull himself up but faltered.

Tiph’arah caught him, breaking his fall. She and Methuselah managed to hoist Tubal-Cain between them and bare his weight evenly on their shoulders. Tiph’arah grunted, “For truth you be heavier than a wild-beastie.” 

Methuselah stifled a laugh.

Tubal-Cain remained silent.

“Ho-ho, what is this I see? Could this be humility? Tiph’arah taunted. “And from a Son of Cain, no doubt?” 

Tubal-Cain grimaced and spoke softly, “By Adamah, I should not have set out in such haste. There is not much I can say for myself. Tis’ my own fault indeed for walking into your trap. I just hope it is not too late to help Naamah.”

Tiph’arah squinted at the most revered tracker in the Seti of Nod. 

Methuselah raised an eyebrow, but decided silence was best.

“Tell me, Tubal-Cain,” Tiph’arah said, “What exactly are you looking for that could help Naamah now?”

“Just get me back to the Seti of Nod and I will explain all.”