TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama

DIVIDED: #15 - The Voice and the Tower

May 06, 2021 V. Morrow Season 2 Episode 15
TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama
DIVIDED: #15 - The Voice and the Tower
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SET YOUR MIND on things above with TAKEN--A Metaphysical Fantasy Audio Drama. AND NOW the ADVENTURE CONTINUES with DIVIDED--The Days of Peleg.

Bow to the Image! Has the whole world gone mad? Or is there something wrong with a statue that speaks and the giant man who makes the people worship it? Peleg is virtually alone in his misgivings. Meanwhile, all the rest of Shinar follows the mighty hunter Nimrod in building a Tower to reach the gates of heaven and even the Ancient One Himself. Could the mysterious encounters and cruel whispers heard since the Tower Temple's construction lead to something good? To Peleg the matter is simple, find someone who remembers the truth, someone who still hears The Voice—before it's too late. So, Peleg embarks on a journey to learn the secrets his great ancestors Methuselah and Enoch knew. Little does Peleg realize, Enoch—the very one, taken so long ago to a dimension outside space and time—and his son Methuselah are both working just as fervently toward the same goal. With the aid of a wise, old King, the tales from the stones, and the "knowing" that burns, Peleg may be mankind's only hope to stop the darkness descending from the Tower. Never again will a Flood destroy the earth, the Ancient One promised—next time it will be Fire!

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Chapter 15 – The Voice & The Tower


Peleg’s Time: Location—Tower Complex, Plains of Shinar, Adamah, First Dimension.

Peleg plodded down the rocky path from Melchizedek’s dwelling with trepidation. By sun’s peak, the rugged mountains gave way to rolling hills, and finally after two days on foot, he crossed over the Gihon River and entered the grassy plains of Shinar.

During the journey he had a lot of time to think. He was still in shock over learning the truth about Nimrod. He almost regretted his curiosity. If he had not asked the question, maybe this task would have come to someone else—someone more qualified—someone not scared out of his wits. Just remembering his promise to Melchizedek, chilled him to the bone despite the warm afternoon sun—

“Now, Peleg,” the wise king said, “if I have answered all the desires of your heart, then this concludes our passing of the tales of old.” He began returning all the treasures to the wooden box.

A statue of a large man caught his eye. “Wait!” Peleg said, pointing to it. “What is the story behind that figure? I have never seen it before.”

Melchizedek stopped and looked at him for a long while. He gripped the figure so tight his knuckles became white.

“What is wrong?” Peleg asked. “Are you well?”

“No, my son, nothing is wrong,” Father Shem said, “the Lord has answered my prayer, indeed.” He placed the male figure on the table. “Though I am surprised He chose one so young.”

“What do you mean?” Peleg peered at the image closely. 

“I thought this task might fall to your father, Eber. But now I see the Lord God has chosen you.”

Peleg looked confused.

“Let me explain,” Melchizedek said, pushing the image toward Peleg. “Before you arrived, I sought the Lord a great while through prayer and fasting because there is yet one more secret that must be revealed. When you asked about the image, I knew the Lord had chosen you to know of it and to confront it. For I said to the Lord, ‘If I am to pass on this dreadful knowledge to the boy, let him inquire. But if he does not, I will keep the hidden things silent until their time has come.”

Peleg was more intrigued than worried, in spite Father Shem’s ominous tone. “May I examine it, Father Shem?” Peleg asked, before touching it.

“Certainly, as you must understand it better than anyone, young Peleg.”

“It is very curious, indeed,” Peleg said. He turned the image over and over in his hands. “The craftsmanship is excellent. I have not seen workmanship like this in all Shinar. The details are very precise and intricate, except—” he stopped and rubbed his fingers over the image’s hands and feet. “It is flawless work except the hands and feet—they have six fingers and six toes.”

“That is no mistake, Peleg,” Melchizedek said. “This is an exact replica of the images that were set up in the plains of Avenland before The Great Deluge. “It was then, and still is, an abomination to the Lord. We are to worship our Lord God and Him alone.”

“For it is He who has made us and not we ourselves,” Peleg recited from memory.

“Selah.” Father Shem paused before continuing. 

“I told you of the giant Nephilim and their reign of terror, of their cannibalism, of their corruption of the seed of Adam with the mixing of their own—and even that of the beasts, of the dark sayings and potions of the wise women who became wicked—a great misery it was indeed! And all this they learned from the wretched Watchers, whom our patriarch, Father Enoch, rebuked so long ago at El Tevah. Yes, these Nephilim were of a cruelty unprecedented and men became violent and corrupt to appease them, forsaking all that Father Adam taught, until finally, with the death of Methuselah, the flood came and washed them all away—all except The Eight.

Peleg nodded quickly so Father Shem would speak of what he did not already know.

“Of course, those fallen Watchers, are now in chains of darkness awaiting that Great Day when the Lord God will judge all.”

Peleg said not a word, allowing the King of Salem to speak in the ways of the talebearers of old.

“But—there was a tiny remnant of that serpent seed—upon The Ark,” Melchizedek said with all the emphasis he could muster.

Peleg’s eyes grew round. “Father Eber never mentioned this!”

“I never passed this on to anyone, save you,” Father Shem said. 

“Tis’ an honor indeed, my father.” Peleg bowed.

“I do not know if you will consider it such an honor once you learn what is required of the one who knows,” Father Shem said soberly. “Little did we know a tiny remnant of the Nephilim seed lurked inside one of us sons of Noah,” Melchizedek said[V1] .

Peleg gasped, “What! How is that possible? I thought the Flood destroyed all the Nephilim.”

“It did destroy all the living Nephilim,” Melchizedek said. “But it did not completely eliminate the possibility of someone with a Nephilim trait from being born.”

Peleg looked confused. “I do not understand.”

Melchizedek took a deep breath and began to explain. “Our mother was not perfect in her generations—only our father Noah was. After the corruption of the fallen Watchers and their Nephilim offspring spread throughout Adamah, only my father, Noah, was found to be perfect and righteous with no mixture of Elohim seed in his bloodline. Yet, this was permissible because only a slight compromise had been found within our mother's bloodline. One of her ancestors was Nephilim, but a female. The female Nephilim did not become giants as the males did. So, there was only a small chance that one of her children would inherit the Nephilim trait that would produce a giant. As you know, our mother had three sons. Even if one of us did inherit the Nephilim trait, as long as we all obeyed the seven laws given to Father Noah, that dormant Nephilim seed would have eventually died out.”

“I am sorry, but I still do not understand how the seven laws given to Father Noah prevent a Nephilim from being born,” Peleg said. 

“Can you still recite the seven laws of Noah I taught you?” Melchizedek asked.

“Uh—I think so—let me see—the first is—do not deny the Lord God. The second is do not blaspheme the Lord God. The third and fourth are do not murder and do not engage in incest, adultery, or unnatural relations,” Peleg continued with confidence. “The fifth is do not steal. The sixth is easy—do not eat of a live animal, and the seventh is uh—”

“I will give you a hint,” Father Shem said, “it is what you saw me doing at the City Gate.”

“We must establish courts of law and ensure justice!” Peleg shouted the seventh law.

“Precisely. Now do you realize Ham’s folly? He broke the fourth Noachide law. His incestuous act combined his mother’s mixed seed with his own mixed seed, producing the chance of Nephilim offspring again—although not in its full strength as before. Canaan, the offspring of Ham and his mother, possessed a double-portion of the Nephilim seed, which assured the appearance of a Nephilim again; it was only a matter of generations now.”

“I think I understand, Father Shem,” Peleg said, “Ham’s other children from his wife—Cush, Mizraim and Put—did not inherit a double-portion of the Nephilim trait—only Canaan did.”

“Precisely,” Melchizedek said with a satisfied smile. He remembered how long it took Father Noah to explain it to him. It was a difficult concept to grasp. “Now you know why the fourth Noachide law is so important.” 

“But I have not seen any Nephilim,” Peleg said. “Perhaps nothing needs to be done unless we do.”

“That is where you are mistaken, young Peleg,” Melchizedek said, “You have seen a Nephilim, though you might not have known it.”

“Who?” Peleg asked. 

“All the tribes are serving him. This one thinks he is the mighty hunter before the Lord, but in truth he is an abomination to the good Lord God,” Melchizedek said.

“Nimrod!” Peleg exclaimed. “He is Nephilim?”

“Indeed,” the wise king said. “I travelled to all the tribes, not just to ensure justice within their city gates, but also to search for that errant seed—for your Father Noah charged me with the task and told no one else, because of the humiliation to him by my brother Ham. The Nephilim seed must be eradicated wherever found. I suspected Nimrod because he is a son of Canaan and because of his stature, but more than that—because of what he does.”

“He is of great size,” Peleg said. “My brother Joktan met him in person once at the Tower Complex and said he had to be at least twelve feet tall—maybe more; but there are still sons of Noah born with Father Adam’s superior height. It will be hard to convince the men he is Nephilim just based on size. But what does he do, that makes you believe he is Nephilim? Most of the men admire him and it seems he can do no wrong in their eyes.”

“No, my son,” Father Shem said. “Unfortunately, he does plenty wrong. Never has there been a more vile man than he since before the Flood. I judge at the gates of the cities. The tales that have come to me for judgment are astounding. He has affronted many a husband, by taking their wives and even their daughters too—heaven forbid! It is all hushed and unspoken because people are afraid of him—of his power. He not only kills, but tortures those opposed to him. I have even heard that he consumes his enemies—he hunts men and eats them! These are all signs of a Nephilim nature. They do not have the soul of a human capable of showing remorse or regret. He must be exposed for who he is.”

“But how?” Peleg asked.

“You hold the evidence in your hand,” Melchizedek said, pointing at the stone image.

“If he is more Nephilim than human, he will have the tale-tell sign of six digits on both hands and feet. I examined Nimrod closely when I negotiated the terms of the peace agreement between the sons of Japheth and the sons of Ham in this last conflict. I had a chance to meet Nimrod and observe him without his battle gear—I insisted they all remove the gauntlets covering their hands and shake hands as a sign of good faith. Then, I made the men take off their sandals and exchange them as a sign an agreement was made. I did all this so I could examine his feet too. He does have the sixth digit on all four limbs, which means his is more than half Nephilim and cannot continue here.”

“Well, what can I do? Everyone submits to him and he has the loyalty of all—even if it is because of the fear of him. Even my father refuses to stand up to him—”

“Indeed, my son,” Father Shem said. “Yet, I see the Lord has given you courage to challenge him. The task is yours. Will you receive the Word of the Lord?”

Peleg thought for a moment. Finally, after a long pause, he answered.  “Yes,” Peleg said, “I will do as you request. I will receive this Word of the Lord.”

“Good. I am glad the Seed remains strong in you,” Father Shem said with a satisfied smile. “You gladden this old king’s heart.  Now, since you have received the call, the Voice will follow.”

Father Shem leaned in closer to Peleg. “Remember, it is your duty to respond to the Voice or you will hear no further,” Melchizedek said. “When you hear the Voice call your name, say—speak Lord God, your servant is listening.”


Outside Time: Tower of Reckoning, Heaven’s Realm, Third Dimension.

Enoch was getting used to his new position at the Tower of Reckoning. Each day at soft light he arose and had a breakfast of fruit, nuts, and this food the ministers recommended called manna. Once he asked the female light who delivered the food, “What is it?” 

She said, “Yes, that’s it.” 

Sometimes it seemed hard to get a straight answer in Heaven’s Realm. So, Enoch really didn’t know what he was eating. I guess it doesn’t matter what it is. Enoch shrugged as he bit into the crusty substance. The manna was delicious. So, he ate manna every day before catching Stream 1208 to the Department of Progressions. 

As soon as the stream slowed and smoothed, Enoch hopped off at his coordinate and walked toward the huge mahogany doors. The doors, now used to his appearance, greeted him by name and swung open.

“Oh!” Enoch said, surprised to see the Beloved already standing over his desk, “Greetings, my Lord.” 

Enoch slowed his steps a bit as he approached his workstation. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong. 

“Relax, Enoch,” the Beloved said with a nod. “Your work is progressing nicely.” He stepped aside so Enoch could see Eye 1704. “But I do see something that displeases me. In fact, I have already addressed this with the Council.”

“What is it Lord?” Enoch asked.

“There is an anomaly developing here in the plains of Shinar. Look,” the Beloved said.

“Where are the plains of Shinar?” Enoch asked. “Never mind. I see it now. It is what we called the plains of Avenland in my time on Adamah. Okay—there’s a huge conglomeration of specks. That doesn’t look good. What is causing it?”

“Satan and his fallen ones have corrupted the minds of men again.”

“I am surprised this is happening so soon after the Flood. I thought the matter was settled with the Great Deluge.” Enoch concentrated on the panel.

“That wicked one is desperate for power and will stop at nothing to gain it,” the Beloved said. “The former light bearer stole scrolls from our archives outlining the plan of the Ancient Father before he was banished. He is using that information to introduce deception that distracts the sons of men from My true prophetic markers.”

Enoch paused for a moment until he realized the Beloved wanted him to verbalize the question. “What’s a marker?”

“Markers are milestone events that unlock the next series of derivatives or outcomes, if you will, within Progression 1704. Do you remember the ultimate purpose of a Progression?” The Beloved gave him a moment to think. 

Enoch spoke carefully, reciting the definition he studied the light before. “It is supposed to lead to a Perpetuity Cycle, which is a mature expression of the Ancient Father’s purpose that self-sustains and duplicates itself infinitely in a state of unending bliss.” 

“Correct!” the Beloved said. “What that Wicked One fails to realize is that the Ancient One’s words cannot be voided. Any attempt to alter His plan ultimately acts to reinforce the plan even further. The lies the enemy plants in the minds of men will actually reinforce the truth of the Ancient Father when the authentic milestone marker appears.”

Enoch looked confused.

“Counterfeits, Enoch,” the Beloved said. “The Evil One is planting counterfeits before the authentic arrives—counterfeit sons of God, fake temples and foul sacrifices all presented to lure people away from the authentic to come.”

The Beloved sighed and then smiled. “Sometimes a picture is easier to understand than words. Let’s look far into Progression 1704.”

 The Beloved placed his hand on Eye 1704 and held it there for quite some time. When he lifted his hand, the panel stopped at a little village dotted with small homes and pastureland.

“That area is just south of the Seti of Seth,” Enoch said. “The larger city is now called Salem, right?  Isn’t that where young Peleg travelled to see Melchizedek?” 

The Beloved nodded, “Yes, but it is called Jerusalem in these days.” He zoomed in closer. “And that little town to the south is called Bethlehem.” 

The Beloved increased the view even more to show the image of a young girl in labor. Her husband attended to her, helping her until the baby was born. Multitudes of Guardians from Heaven’s Realm crowded in to see the Child. And multitudes of Messengers hovered above, singing praises to announce the Child’s birth. Humble shepherds gathered around to see the little child lying in a manger, swaddled tight like a little lamb. 

“This is The Seed promised to Great Mother Eve,” the Beloved said.

“But he is only a baby,” Enoch said. “I always thought he would mysteriously arrive as a warrior clothed in majesty—a wise king ready to lead the sons of men.”

“One day that prophecy will come true,” the Beloved said. “But first He must become a child. Then, He must succeed where Adam failed and offer the sacrifice Adam could not.”

Enoch thought about that for a moment. 

The Beloved continued, “The Child will become the perfect sacrifice.”

Enoch stared at the beautiful child’s sweet little face. “Why does this innocent child have to die? Isn’t there some other way to pay for Adam’s sin?”

“No,” the Beloved said. “There is no other way. A life for a life. That is what justice demands.”

Enoch watched the mother and father as they cuddled the child and smiled. “But, Beloved, his mother obviously loves him so much, she will never allow her child to be sacrificed,” he insisted. “And what of the child’s father? Surely his father will never let anyone harm his child.” The couple was so elated over the newborn. Even in their uncomfortable circumstance—surrounded by smelly animals and feeding troughs—the couple’s joy was contagious.

Finally, Enoch asked, “Who is he?”

“I AM He,” the Beloved said.

“No way!” exclaimed Enoch. He pushed away from Eye 1704 so quickly, he fell out of his chair. He turned to gape at the Beloved who was already laughing.

“What’s wrong Enoch?’ the Beloved asked, still chuckling, “Am I not the cutest little baby you have ever seen?”

Enoch was still shocked.

“Do you mean to tell me that You —” Enoch stammered, “You are going to become a baby! That—that is impossible!

“No, it’s not,” the Beloved said smugly. “With God all things are possible.”

Enoch looked at the screen. Then he looked at the Beloved. Then Enoch looked back at the screen. “You mean to tell me that You are going to become an infant?”

“Yep,” the Beloved said.

“So, I guess you are not going to just appear and disappear at will,” Enoch said.


“And you won’t be walking through doors or floating off into space?” Enoch asked.

“Well—not initially.”

“So, what about time travel and freezing everything in the universe whenever you want?” Enoch asked.


“And you’re going to cry for milk and soil your pants?” Enoch pressed him further.

“Okay, don’t rub it in,” the Beloved said.

“So how will you defeat the evil one and sin like that?” Enoch asked.

“Easy,” the Beloved said, “the same way you did—through faith and prayer.”

“Ah,” Enoch said. “So, the One Mind will help you.”

“Only if I pray and obey—just like any other man,” the Beloved replied.

 “Okay,” Enoch said. His smile grew broader by the second. “Fair enough. But You still haven’t explained one thing.”

“What’s that?” the Beloved asked.

“If you die for Adam that will pay for his sin,” Enoch said, “But how will that help the rest of his offspring?”

That’s a good point Enoch. If you can perform the next task, you will have your answer.


Suddenly Enoch found himself standing all alone in a broad, grassy field. “Whoa there—” Enoch said, stretching his arms out as if he could grab the desk, he had been sitting at moments ago. “Beloved?” he called out. “Where am I?”


Enoch sighed and looked around to get his bearings. This is a beautiful place. The meadow was green and lush; the sky, blue and clear; and the air, soft and sweet. The field was remarkable in that there were no other plants or trees—just a great expanse of green grass as far as the eye could see, except for one tall dandelion in the middle of the field. 

Then Enoch heard His Voice. Enoch. Capture the dandelion.

Enoch laughed. “Yes, my lord.”  He promptly began walking toward the wildflower. He was just a couple of steps away, when the wind started blowing, so strong it almost knocked him off his feet. He lunged toward the dandelion to grab it. But he was too late—only the stem remained. The fluffy bulb was carried away by the wind.

His Voice spoke again: Enoch. Go and capture the dandelion.

“But I can’t my Lord,” Enoch said. “The dandelion was blown away.”

“Try again,” His Voice said.

“But—” Enoch said exasperated. He closed his eyes to calm himself. He knew better than to complain. Fine, I will just give it a try. 

Enoch opened his eyes and almost stumbled again. The field was now full of dandelions as far as the eye could see. There was not even one patch of green grass in sight! And the wind just kept blowing—and blowing.

Enoch laughed.

“Learn the lesson of the dandelion, Enoch,” the Beloved said seriously. “When the dandelion receives a deadly blow, its’ seed scatters and fills the earth. So shall My Seed be when planted in the ground. Just as death came to all men because of Adam’s sin, now life will come to all men because of My death.”  

“Behold!” The Beloved’s voice boomed like thunder, “The Great Reversal.”


Outside Time: High Council, Heaven’s Realm, Seventh Dimension. A Tower Already? 

The Beloved spoke, “Father, One Mind, Elders and Honored Members of the Cloud. This meeting is to address reports coming in from Adamah located in the Tau Epsilon District of the Orion Sector. The last incursion involving treason has been resolved—notice here, the two hundred Watchers have been bound and await final sentencing.”

The Beloved pulled up the coordinate showing the rebellious ones in chains under the darkness of Sheol for the High Council to see.

“However, that Fallen One seeks to invoke his seven-year appeal before the end of the age,” continued the Beloved. “The trial period of 120, fifty-year cycles, has not expired. Yet, that Wicked One has united the people through a remnant spawn of the Nephilim reactivated through incestuous relations.”

“Now that Satan guides them in building a Tower to reach Heaven,” the Hidden Father said.

“That Wicked One’s presumption knows no end,” The One Mind added. “The Tower must come down.”

 “I say we send the judgment by fire now,” one Cloud member said. “There is no need to wait until the end of the age in the face of such arrogance. How dare he instruct them in creating a portal!”

“Too true,” the Beloved said, unperturbed by the severe stance, “yet I would consider the destinies of those innocent lives in the Incubator. I still see great value in those offspring of Adam that are yet to be. I would save as many as possible for the future generations of Adam to come. If we destroy all the people now, we have not done them justice.”

“Your compassion is commendable, Son,” the Hidden Father said. “What do you propose as an alternative?”

“Well, I propose a destruction of sorts,” the Beloved said, “more of a stunting of wicked growth through separation and, of course, the Tower would be rendered useless.”

“Tell us more,” the One Mind said. 

The Beloved went into great detail about the intricacies of the plan as well as the identification of the “bearer of the Seed” to be used as a catalyst. “This man still has a pure derivative of the Seed that is sustainable until the authentic marker appears,” the Beloved said.

“Who is the sustainer?” asked Lord Selahneia. 

“It is young Peleg of Eber,” the Beloved said.

“Ah yes,” the Ancient One said, “The One Mind speaks highly of him. He hears His Voice and retains the proverbs I gave his father Eber. The young one does display the “fear of the Lord.”

“Indeed. After all, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of understanding,” Lord Selahneia said, quoting a verse of the One Mind’s teachings. 

“Lord Selahneia, I wish all men would meditate on the Wisdom of the One Mind as you do,” the Hidden Father said.

“I agree heartily,” the Beloved said. 

“I wish that all men would ‘selah,’” the One Mind added. 

Lord Selahneia promptly fell forward, bowing before the throne and the One who sat there. His golden crown toppled onto the sapphire floor with a clang.

This move was responsible for the collapse of the Council meeting! 

All the remaining eleven members of the Council also threw their crowns to the ground in adoration of the love flowing from the Ancient One.

“Meeting adjourned,” the Father said.

The Beloved smiled as he moved toward the door.

Almost instantly, two flames appeared and carried Lord Selahneia from the room. “You would think one of his stature would be accustomed to the One on the Throne by now.”

The other flame replied, “Ah, but it is an honor indeed to have your name become a ‘word’ in His Book. Tis’ an honor indeed!”

“Your point is most accurate. I might even need adjustments if such a thing happened to me. The thought is most overwhelming,” the Blue flame said.

“Selah,” the Violet flame agreed.

 [V1]Make clear that Ham’s bloodline was contaminated through his mother. He had the Nephilim trait—twin’s and triplets are identical but have different traits for sickness, dominant characteristics etc. The three brothers could not have all had Nephilim trait.